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Bolim El-Tec Co.,Ltd.


BOLIM EL-TEC CO.,LTD. has been produced rubber products and special belts since year 1965 and also developing new products under 3 basic managerial mottos as 3C (Change, Challenge, Creative). Also, on a basis of customer satisfaction, we always devote ourselves to fulfill customer impression.

Especially, our company endeavor to develop products by doing constant study in various industries through rubber material development from small rubber ring to concrete manhole rubber connector as well as NBR, Fluorine rubber, silicone rubber sheet, diaphragm and EPR cable sheet, etc.

To cope with fast changing inland and overseas market environment, we do our best to develop technology for excellent products and also make our efforts for joining with worldwide global companies by continual change and innovation.

We promise you to do all we can to offer best products and satisfy all our customers rather than current satisfaction. Thank you.

Management Philosophies,Change,Challenge, Creative

  • Website : http://www.bolim.com
  • Company Name : Bolim El-Tec Co., Ltd.
  • Phone : +82-53-592-3115
  • Fax : +82-53-592-2112
  • Address : 72-15 Seongseogongdan-ro, dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
  • E-Mail : bolim@bolim.com